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Mechanical Contractors

Perhaps no one in the HVAC supply chain is under more pressure than the mechanical contractor who must satisfy the builder, the owner and the design and engineering team – all while relying on a distributor and manufacturer to deliver.

To become the mechanical contractor's preferred supplier, HTS:

  • provides in-depth technical expertise and knowledge on a wide variety of HVAC systems
  • educates all parties involved of system features and benefits, cost per square foot, cost per ton, and their impact on life-cycle costs
  • produces well thought-out conceptual estimates and budgets
  • ensures design specifications are accurate and the right solutions are developed for each unique situation
  • produces on-time, accurate bids and closing call out numbers
  • follows up with the general contractor to get questions answered and influence their preference for the HVAC technologies we've recommended

Once the job is awarded, HTS provides superior project management to ensure:

  • submittals are provided within two weeks from notice to proceed
  • estimated equipment delivery dates are provided within three weeks of notice to proceed
  • line-by-line specification compliance review occurs on every product, making submittals and shop drawings easy to approve the first time
  • scheduling, tracking and coordination of job site delivery is seamless
  • shipping schedules are customized for projects with multiple units
  • equipment to be stored at the job site has protective packaging when requested
  • periodic job site visits occur to ensure proper installation and product quality
  • start-up and commissioning services, as well as product training, are provided upon request

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